Zadak Europe is the european arm of Zadak - a high-end custom water-cooled PC brand. The core values of Zadak are original design, craftsmanship and pushing the boundaries of performance. Striking the balance between aesthetics and performance, Zadak is a prestige brand in the computer industry producing premium products.

The Brief

Zadak Europe approached us looking to create an online presence for their european brand to sell products directly to consumers. Zadak wanted to create a website that represented their products with stunning aesthetics and high performance.

Notably, Zadak Europe wanted to create a ‘build to order’ configurator that outshone all competition. Based on the concept of a 360 image car simulator, zadak wanted to create a visually pleasing and easy to manage configurator to allow the user to visualise the build process through adding each component. 

What We Did

When creating the website, we wanted to design a sleek homepage that represented the polished technology that Zadak embodies. It was cardinal that we included a clear user journey which would allow users to easily navigate their way around the products on the website - whether the user would be looking to purchase components or craft their own unique machine using the build to order configurator.

Creating the 3D configurator was an interesting challenge and consisted of creating a studio in the Zadak Europe meeting room taking shots from 18 different angles for each stage of the build with each different available component. Once we had created these assets we developed a bespoke build to order configurator, building from scratch and coding the configurator so that when the user clicks on the component it requires the configurator serves the correct 360 rotating image

Services provided: