Jolly Oinks is a small family run farm on the Worcestershire/Warwickshire border which breeds and produces free range Pedigree Berkshire Pigs. A common favorite across the Jolly Oinks range is the seasonal bundles, coming in both festive and summer form with an array of high quality produce.

The owner, Max Tailby is a first generation pig farmer and is passionate about the preservation of the Berkshire Pig. Over the past few years he has built a herd from one pig to a popular business.

Max is extremely spirited about his work and the employment of sustainable farming methods. With the berkshire pig being the oldest recorded British breed, with records dating back to the 1600s, this breed is a specialty porker and is famous for its quality. Rare breed pig farming demands commitment with it’s methods being slower than commercial farming. However, Max’s passion for his pigs pays dividends with higher quality meat produced through sustainable and traditional techniques.

The Brief

Jolly Oinks approached Notorious as they required a solution for their supply and demand issues. At the time of enquiring Jolly Oinks were using traditional marketing methods such as leafleting for enquiry generation and their website to process sales orders. With the nature of their business Jolly Oinks have periods where they have a high supply of perishable stock which requires spikes of demand to match this, Max wanted to find a solution to market his products creating demand for his products at the right time.

Dealing with Notorious Online has enabled me to reduce my advertising spend for a better result, not only this but the process of marketing is now a lot smoother and less time consuming with everything now online I can concentrate more of my time on the operations side of the business

What We Did

When discussing this brief, targeted social media advertising stood up to us straight away as the perfect solution to generate demand quickly. We created niche target audiences that we could serve specific adverts to based on their interest and behaviours. The campaign was a great success with the BBQ hampers selling out on pre order a weekend prior.

Our advertising campaign returned a 867% return on the ad spend.

Services provided: