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We design imaginative and memorable websites to reflect the structure of your business and capture the users' interest.

What is Web Design?

By definition:
Web Design [Noun]
Web Design is a structured plan or drawing produced to show the appearance and functionality of a website before it is made.

Our Offering

A website is a tool for your business that converts marketing efforts into leads. A well-crafted website will guide users from the homepage to a ‘call to action’ using the information that has been provided by your company. By explaining why your audience should use your product or services, you are increasing the likelihood that users will initiate an action; whether that be directly purchasing a product, or making a telephone call to enquire further.

A website is not just about the aesthetics. Just like a car, the performance of a site is a vital factor to bear in mind. The technical side of a website may be hidden, but when built bespoke and with perfect performance, both the speed of the site and the readability of your content for Google will be enhanced. A good website is the foundation for good digital marketing.

Custom creative design
Each Notorious website design is personalised and unique to your exact objectives as a company.

Excellent User Experience
Each and every step of the design process is client-focused, ensuring that each page meets its purpose.

Responsive website design
Our websites are designed to suit all devices, from small mobiles to large computer monitors.

Our Process

Phase 1 - Plan
We will meet to discuss exactly what you and your users want and perhaps things we see as positive additions. We will then present an outline of precise goals for the project and estimated timelines.  

Phase 2 - Design
Following your requirements, the design of your website will be drawn by one of our designers.  This phase will involve close collaboration, trading ideas until we reach a design that you are pleased with. We ensure that your branding is felt throughout and we are mindful to suit the visual style of the target audience.

Phase 3 - Development
Once satisfied with the design, the graphic components of the design are replicated into a digital version. You will then receive a link to navigate the architecture and design of your site (Note: this is not the finished product so not all functionality will be available)

Phase 4 - Population
This stage sees the website come alive. Functionality becomes concrete and content populates the structure. If it is an E-commerce site this is when products, shipping and payment is added. In the case of redesigns, we can rework existing content where possible.

Phase 5- Test & Launch
Before launching the site, final checks are completed to see if the site functions as desired, as well as testing performance on devices/browsers. After checks are complete, your site is ready for take off!

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