Search Engine Optimisation: What is SEO?

SEO is a form of digital marketing which works to enhance how well a website ranks on a search results page, like Google. 

The objective of a high quality SEO marketing strategy is to get your website to the first page of search engines, which will increase traffic to your website. 

A strong SEO strategy demands a meticulous and methodological approach to result in your business appearing in front of the customer, when they are searching for  products or services like yours. 

How does SEO work?

Search engines such as Google and Bing use bots to crawl entire websites across the internet to gather information about those pages and index them. Next, the search engines algorithm analyses pages in the index with reference to hundreds of ranking factors to determine the order in which pages should appear in the search results for a given query. 

The search engines algorithms are designed to uncover the most relevant, authoritative and trustworthy pages to provide users with the best search experience. In order for your page to rank higher in the search results it is necessary to optimise your site on the ranking factors of Google's algorithms.

Why is SEO important in digital marketing?

SEO is a fundamental part of digital marketing as it is a hugely effective way of appearing in front of a potential customer, who is searching the internet with commercial intent around a product or service.

Greater visibility and ranking higher in search results than your competitors has a pronounced effect on your traffic and sales as searchers typically only click onto the top three results.

How can I optimise my site to Google's algorithm?

Technical SEO audit

The first step in a SEO campaign is to complete a SEO audit of your website. This will highlight the current state of SEO, including on-site content quality, website build and offsite activity such as backlinks. This will raise areas of opportunity for immediate improvement, like technical website fixes - which will lay the foundations to a great website as they will increase the speed of your website and enhance customer experience.

Keyword research

SEO keyword research refers to finding specific target words relevant to a business that it should be trying to rank for. This can include variations and synonyms of the main key words and also phrases or sentences related to the keywords. Through utilising the most current SEO research tools, we can establish both straightforward keywords and more niche keywords which still receive high volumes of search. The primary purpose of keyword analysis is to find words which match the customers search intent and then optimise the specific page for that word which will help to generate organic leads from google.

Content optimisation

The next step in a SEO campaign is to optimise and build content which holds long term value for your online business. Through the audit we will be able to establish if existing pages need optimising in terms of length of content and keyword density. This form of content marketing will help google to understand what the specific page is about and in turn drive great organic search traffic.

Additionally, if the website has few pages around a subject matter then it might be necessary to build additional web pages to form content clusters. The purpose of this is to establish topical authority online, as each individual webpage will address a particular question surrounding the subject matter. This will indicate to google that your company is a true expert in the field, which in turn will improve rankings as google favours a brand which provides what customers are looking for. 

Link acquisition

Link building is a method to provide your website with external endorsements to raise your website's authority. Links on the internet act as trust signals and acquiring these through outreach will show to your websites trustworthiness and authority to google.

Methods to acquire relevant authoritative links will vary from client to client, but techniques include identifying bloggers, journalists and influencers with a platform relevant to your brand. Next, you should engage with them and create content which will boost brand awareness and your position in google's organic rankings.

Local SEO

Local SEO includes tailoring tactics and techniques for a geotargeted audience. Local SEO helps physical and digital businesses market their services online by making their web presence more visible to local customers and prospects within a given geographical area.

A surefire way to grow your business and attract more customers is to be the highest ranking website for your product or service locally. Our local SEO strategy includes managing and optimising your Google My Business page so that you are the first result in a location specific search. Our local SEO services also include high quality local link building, which will help google learn that your business is location specific and gain local traffic.

What are the benefits of SEO?

SEO is a primary source of leads. The modern high street is the search results page, and without SEO your business simply will not be visible on search engines. 

Almost all paying customers are using the internet and social media to search for the products or services they want - which is why it is so necessary to employ SEO services to ensure you can truly compete online.

SEO leads are more effective than outbound leads as they are less invasive. Through optimising your site, it results in a greater organic search position - which means the people that have come to that results page have done so off their own accord. As these individuals are making their research online themselves, they already have a specific purpose in mind - meaning conversion is more likely and more natural.

Optimising your website using SEO techniques will help you to gain traffic from people coming with specific needs, leading to more leads, better brand recall and ultimately higher conversion rates.


Local SEO services encourage local users to visit the physical store after their search. After completing local research, there is a high tendency in those individuals to visit the store they were searching for. For example, "car garage near me" will surface all the car mechanics in that area. The user will make his verdict upon the quality of the Google My Business and is likely to become a customer of their top choice. Do not miss your chance, ensure you employ local SEO.

Brand Credibility

SEO marketing is a powerful tool for building brand credibility. A ranking position within the top three evokes a clear message - that you are a key player in the industry. It also shows you are popular amongst other users who have used the same search words. Our SEO services ensure that the opposite side of the same coin does not apply to your business. If you are at the bottom of the results page or the second page, your company can risk carrying connotations of incompetence.

Market Share

SEO services help you to gain market share. If your business is top of the search list, your website is likely to be visited. These visitors are now potential leads and you can use call to actions to gather personal information. They may make a purchase, but if not you can attempt to get their email which will help to send more tailored and direct marketing efforts.

Stay ahead of the curve

Ensuring that your content is SEO friendly is not a one off job. SEO demands continual upkeep to maintain relevance and value in the eyes of search engines and your customer.

As effective SEO is dependent so heavily on algorithm updates from search engines, SEO best practices are continually evolving. An algorithm update can cause once highly-ranked websites to fall from grace.To ensure maintained SEO success, your strategy needs to stay on top of SEO updates. 


At Notorious, we pride ourselves on providing the most cutting edge SEO services possible and provide appropriate guidance to clients to keep an SEO strategy effective for your business. We promise that your SEO is in conjunction with current best SEO practices to dominate the search results page for your service.